He Xirong



Research Professor


He Xirong got her bachelor degree from FudanUniversity in 1982. Since then she started her career as a philosophy researcher at SASS, She got her associate professorship and full professorship respectively in 1995 and 2001.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy (SASS)


Institute of Philosophy Studies

Phone: +86 21 64862266-29101


Research interests

·History of Chinese Philosophy

·Comparative Studies between Chinese and Western Philosophy

·Women’s Studies

Selected publications

·Search for the Root of Philosophy—-Essays of a New Round Comparative Study on the Chinese and Western Philosophy (co-editor with Yu Xuanmeng), Shanghai Translation Press, 2005.

·Shanghai: Its Urbanization and Culture, (co-editor with Yu Xuanmeng), The Council for research in Values and philosophy, Washington D.C.,2004

·Structure Each Other Between Buddhism and Chinese Traditional Philosophy; Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Publishing House, 2004.

·Research on Female Ethics, Hubei Educational Publishing House, 2001;

·Confucius’s Ethical Wisdom, in Dialogue with Confucius: Confucianism in the Global Civilizations, Xuelin Publishing House Press. 2005,8

·A Method of Comparative Philosophy, “Asian Philosophy in the Makiong”, Editor: Tran Van Doan Encyclope dia Publishing House  2009,6

·The thought of the Mean and China’s developments: A philosophical reflection to China’s road of 60 years.<On theory of <Studies on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theories>,2009,10


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